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“The Colorado Division of Criminal Justice’s Sexual Assault Response Project and the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault worked with trainers from SVJI @ MNCASA to conduct a very successful SART Institute in September 2011, which drew nearly 100 participants to the event. Following the training, the concepts have been repeatedly shared throughout the state, which has resulted in several local jurisdictions evaluating and altering their sexual assault response policies to be more in line with national and state level best practices. We are continuing to look to SVJI @ MNCASA for technical assistance and support as we expand SART development in Colorado.”
—Terri L. Livermore, Colorado Department of Public Safety

Participant“My first exposure to the importance of a coordinated response came while I served as a deputy sheriff for a largely rural county adjacent to Minneapolis. The competent and needed assistance of SVJI staff to me and our entire multidisciplinary team resulted in improved services to victims, reduction in duplicative efforts, and the fundamental recognition that justice making requires fuller engagement. At the risk of sounding dramatic, being a member of a team gave me perspective about response to sexual assault and all forms of violence against women that, as a law enforcement officer, I could not have otherwise had.”
—Chief Paul Schnell, Maplewood Police Department

“The Florida Council Against Sexual Violence has had the great fortune to receive technical assistance from SVJI in our SART projects over the years. We began focusing on SART development as a major part of the coalition’s work in 2003 and were referred to SVJI as the national experts on multidisciplinary teams. They were enormously helpful to us, having conversation after conversation to explain their model and how we might adapt it, answering questions and sending us innumerable electronic and printed materials.”
—Grace Frances, Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

“West Virginia has been using the 8-step model for building and sustaining successful SARTs, which has provided direction and motivation for our state's SART initiative. West Virginia's statewide sexual assault training team has relied on information and resources from SVJI webinars and training events to train regional SARTs and provide direct TA to local SART Coordinators.”

“SVJI @ MNCASA understands our needs as we work from the top down and bottom up. They are able to stay one step ahead, and just when we start to feel 'stuck' in SART development, a webinar or training opportunity is released. [When] SVJI provided a webinar on protocol development and recruited local coordinators from across the country to speak to participants, the information gave our coordinators the reassurance and motivation they needed to finish their protocols and move on to their next task.

“Following the first National SART Institute, our local SART Coordinators felt rejuvenated and validated. They returned from the training with enthusiasm, confidence and energy. All of us in West Virginia are extremely excited for future SART Institutes from SVJI @ MNCASA!”
—Nikki Godfrey, West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information and Services, Inc.

“I am very familiar with SVJI’s work on victim-center practice and I routinely cite their work in both my scientific publications and my trainings with practitioners. I am delighted to (finally!) have the opportunity to collaborate with them on their training Institute.”
—Researcher Rebecca Campbell, Ph.D.

“The SVJI team has been invaluable in helping to advance the collaborative effort of our SMART team. They are able to bring back expertise, knowledge and awareness from not only Minnesota but from other programs nationwide which helps ensure that what we are doing is truly meaningful and impactful. One recent example is a rich discussion about what should or shouldn’t be in reports, what is helpful, what isn’t, what other departments are doing, [and prompting consideration on] whether  we wanted to pursue further training for the officers that are dealing with reports.”
—Erica Staab, HOPE Center

“Thank you so much for providing this opportunity!”
—Training participant, National Institute for SART Leaders

“I enjoy hearing what other leaders think about my ideas to move forward.”
—Training participant, National Institute for SART Leaders

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