Technical Assistance to Rural SARTs/CCRs

A Note to Rural Grantees:

The Sexual Violence Justice Institute at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (SVJI@MNCASA) has become nationally recognized as a resource that understands the complexity of blending the issue of sexual violence with the complexities of multidisciplinary teaming.

This page highlights technical assistance available to and designed specifically for OVW rural grantees! There are unique challenges of coordinating inter-agency responses in rural areas and this project has been designed to provide resources, information, networks and concepts to help grantees reach project goals.  We hope you will take advantage of our customized approach to providing technical assistance to multidisciplinary initiatives. We work with teams or team leaders to identify and develop a course of action that will lead to meaningful results. Connect with us, share your expertise, utilize us as a resource and give us feedback on how we are doing.

Our best wishes go out to you as you tirelessly respond to and serve victims/survivors in your community. Together, let’s design and innovate approaches so that ALL victims/survivors of sexual violence will experience justice, healing and victim-centered responses.  Finally, we would like to thank and acknowledge the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) for project support and funding. 

Assistance available to rural OVW grantees includes:


Webinars are offered quarterly on the first Tuesday of the month.  Upcoming topics include: The Role of the Team Leader, Working with Native Communities, Protocol Development, Responding to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Victims, Increasing Access to the Forensic Exam and Responding to Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault. For the current schedule and to register go to our events calendar.

National Institute for Team Leaders—Coming Spring of 2015

The team leader plays a critical role in a team’s overall development and effectiveness. The Institute will help rural team leaders develop strategies to promote victim-centered responses and improve the criminal justice response through multidisciplinary teaming. The Institute is highly interactive and promotes mutual learning and problem-solving. Participants build skills, cultivate connections and engage in meaningful peer-to-peer exchanges. Team leaders will leave with a development plan to strengthen their team’s response.

Customized Individualized Coaching and Assistance

SVJI staff is available for one-on-one technical assistance. We offer customized support around:

  • CCR/SART formation and sustainability issues
  • Team-led community and system assessment on the current response to sexual assault
  • Design of team vision, mission, goals, process, and system intervention options
  • Incorporating best practices into victim-centered approaches to case handling
  • Implementing the 8-Step Protocol Development Cycle
  • Strategies for hearing from victim/survivors about their experiences with your response system
  • Shifting to a victim-centered approach
  • Case conversations on teams
  • Managing conflict and agreement on teams
  • Monitoring and evaluating change efforts
  • Identifying and solving system problems in a multidisciplinary context

 Start by contacting us…We look forward to hearing from you.

Teach and Learns for State-Level Leaders

Periodically we will connect state level leaders through web-based teach and learn sessions. This is a great opportunity for state level leaders to share expertise and discuss emerging issues.  If you are a state level leader and interested in this forum please contact Leah Lutz.

Virtual Network for State Level Leaders

We host a web community to connect state level technical assistance providers to facilitate information and resource sharing. To join our virtual community email Leah Lutz.

Resources, tools and other forms of support

Peruse our website for resources, tools and archived webinars designed to support your work. 

Rural Blog

The Rural Realities blog makes connections across the many landscapes of rural SARTs, sharing resources and news, and highlighting successful strategies from the field.


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