Sexual Violence Justice Institute at MNCASA promotes justice for victims of sexual violence through collaboration, leadership, training and technical assistance as a national resource for expertise in the criminal justice response to sexual violence.

Blue cover "What do sexual assault cases look like in our Community?

Guidebook for Case File Review

"What Do Sexual Assault Cases Look Like in Our Community? A SART Coordinator’s Guidebook for Case File Review" is a step-by-step toolkit for SART Coordinators to lead their team through Case File Review.


Evaluation Cycle

Online SART Evaluation Tool

SVJI at MNCASA has created interactive online learning opportunities to help rural SARTs assess their work and make the system work better for victims of sexual violence. Learn more about the project here

National expertise in criminal justice response

SVJI at MNCASA works to provide Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) across the country with skills and knowledge essential for a coordinated, compassionate response to sexual assault. Learn more about SVJI projects.

Training for police, courts, health providers, and advocates

The Sexual Violence Justice Institute at MNCASA is a leader in training and consulting for teams and responders across the country. SVJI provides coaching in victim centered approaches to investigation and prosecution, training for preparing expert witnesses, multidisciplinary responses to sexual assault in communities, and much more. Learn more about training and consulting.

Login: Expert testimony resources for criminal justice professionals

The Sexual Violence Justice Institute provides resources that prosecutors, law enforcement, victim advocates, and healthcare professionals can use to become familiar with each other's work, and increase the likelihood of good case outcomes and effective prosecutions. Click here to login.

“Individuals can resist injustice, but only in community can we
do justice.”
~ Jim Corbett

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