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Many people have questions about issues of sexual violence and the criminal justice process. SVJI at MNCASA has responded by creating a series of fact sheets with need-to-know information. The fact sheets are used by victims, families, prosecutors, expert witnesses, advocates and others to navigate the system, understand the issues, and be more successful in securing justice in the courtroom.

The SVJI fact sheets provided here are organized by the steps in the criminal justice process. You may also use the search box to locate a specific fact sheet.

MN Statutes and Legal Process Overview

Consent in criminal sexual assault cases (PDF)

Criminal sexual conduct statutes in Minnesota (PDF)

Civil damages for sexual violence (PDF)

Sexual Assault Exam and Survivor Healthcare

Emergency contraception (PDF)

Evidentiary exam (PDF)

Evidentiary exam payment differs across states (PDF)

Minor consent for services (PDF)

Investigating and Reporting

Mandated reporting – children (PDF)

Mandated reporting - vulnerable adults (PDF)

Polygraph restrictions (PDF)

How do I get a copy of my police report? (PDF)



Expert testimony resources

Access to these resources is restricted. Please contact Caroline Palmer, Law and Policy Manager, to obtain access.

Case Commentary: Expert Testimony: Explaining the Minnesota Supreme Court's Decision in State v. Obeta (PDF)

Restitution (PDF)

Statute of limitations (PDF)

Statute of limitations-MN Child Victim Act (PDF)

Tips for testifying (PDF)

Corrections and Monitoring

Community notification (PDF)

Predatory offender registration (PDF)

Sex offender civil commitment (PDF)

Victim notification (PDF)

Court Process, Criminal and Civil

Criminal court process (text page)

Court process flow chart, adults (PDF)

Court process flow chart, juveniles (PDF)

Civil court option (text page)

Full faith and credit for protection orders across states (PDF)


Legal Advocacy Manual (PDF)

The complete updated Legal Advocacy Manual from SVJI at MNCASA will be available in August, 2014. Check back or contact Caroline Palmer, Law and Policy Manager for a copy of the Table of Contents.

Advocate communication is not always confidential (PDF)

Advocate duty of confidentiality (PDF)

Guidelines for advocate record keeping (PDF)

Special Topics: Fact Sheets

Americans with Disabilities Act overview (PDF)

Campus SaVE Act (PDF)

Civil damages for sexual violence (PDF)

Alcohol and drug facilitated sexual assault (PDF)

Civil protective orders (PDF)

School sexual violence and sexual harassment (PDF)

Sex trafficking (PDF)

Sexual harassment (PDF)

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