"As a policy leader, as a father, as a man, I realized that I have a responsibility to champion prevention. I can, and I need to, make
a difference."
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~ Jim McDonough, Ramsey County Commissioner

Community Primary Prevention Partnerships: Redwood Falls, MN


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Mission Statement

To work with youth to prevent sexual violence and to promote healthy relationships by providing prevention education.


Project Overview

    • Increase students’ knowledge of healthy relationships through the use of evidence based curriculum
    • Equip students with the skills to take part in healthy relationships and to be able to identify signs of unhealthy relationships
    • Provide students with lifelong bystander intervention techniques
    • Educate students on gender roles and gender equality


Lessons Learned

  1. Implementing Safe Dates over a short time frame makes it difficult for the information to sink in with the students, teachers, and instructor
  2. Gender roles and norms are deeply ingrained in students at a young age
  3. Consent and sexual violence is an area where students need more education


Why It's Needed

Most of the information that has been given to students over the years has been reactive as opposed to preventative. By implementing an evidence based curriculum we can hopefully educate our students on intimate partner violence, teach them bystander intervention techniques, and shift the blame away from the victims. In turn our students will be able to carry this information with them and use it to make a positive impact in their community. 


Community Partners

    • Redwood Valley Middle School, Redwood Falls

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